May 28, 2011

Martin Blunos

Martin Lauris Blunos (born 1960-04-11) is a British TV chef. Blunos earned two Michelin Guide stars for each of his two restaurants.His cooking style is influenced by his half Russian half Latvian mother. He did a spell at the Strand Palace Hotel in London, a season in Switzerland and went on many a cruise on a Greek tycoon's yacht before settling down in a job at Lampwick's in Battersea, London.
His first restaurant as chef and owner was Lettonie (French for Latvia) in Bristol, which opened 1988 with a Franco-British style of cooking with some Eastern European elements. He earned his first Michelin star there in 1992, and a second in 1994.[1] In 1997 he moved Lettonie to larger premises in Bath where he was assisted by James Tanner. He is Executive Chef at Hurst House on the Marsh, Laugharne, West Wales.


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