May 4, 2011

Anthony Sedlak

Anthony L. Sedlak is a Canadian chef, and the host of Food Network Canada's The Main. He was born in Prince George, British Columbia and grew up in North Vancouver. At age 13, Sedlak began bussing at the Grouse Mountain cafeteria. He was soon promoted to the resort's main kitchen at 14, where he worked as production cook for what was then Bar 98. By 16 he was working at the Grouse Nest restaurant (now The Observatory). During this time he completed the Culinary Art Program at Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver, followed by a four-year apprenticeship program at Vancouver Community College.

Following the advice of Sylvain Cuerrier, the executive chef for Grouse Mountain, 20-year-old Sedlak joined the team at La Trompette restaurant in west London where he worked under Chef Olivier Couillaud. With the experience and knowledge gained at La Trompette Sedlak returned to Grouse Mountain Resorts where he was offered the position of sous-chef at The Observatory.


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